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Our Figs - Traditional Products

Traditional Products The figs stuffed with walnuts and shaped into a star or flower which Horace and Columella wrote about 2,000 years ago, are none other than what have come to be known as Crocette (little crosses) in the local dialect. The Marano Brothers are proud to offer these traditional sweets, made with figs which are to this day sun still dried, oven baked and spiced according to an old family recipe. What we make is one of the most ancient sweets in the Mediterranean region's history.

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  • Our Figs - Delicacies

    Delicacies Our figs are oven-baked, then stuffed with a toasted almond and a candied orange peel, as in the case of our Paciocchi. Other figs are filled with exquisite creams, artisanally made in the Marano Brothers' laboratory, and are known as the Ficule. Some figs are more simple and remain unstuffed, such as our Giocondi- delicious Cosentine figs perfectly matched with the highest quality chocolate. We strive to offer authentic sweets and delicacies which will appeal to every type of palate.

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  • Our Figs - Fragrances and Flavors

    The strongly scented citrus fruits which Calabria's fertile terrain offers in abundance are candied, cut into ribbons and covered in extra-dark chocolate. Our "spirited" bonbons are created by bringing together a soft fig confection, various liquors chosen by the Marano Brothers, and white or dark chocolate. To create our Liquorosi, oven-baked figs are submersed in various liquors, such as limoncello, rum or grappa, and are a perfect accompaniment to after dinner liquors and cognacs. These are our newest products: authentic, intensely fragrant treats.

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  • Our Figs - Gift Baskets

    The Marano Brothers are foundamentally artisans, committed to the antique and noble craft of confectioning figs. Practicing this craft makes us pay particular attention to and love everything traditional and folksy, most of all products that come from the earth. This love gave birth to our choice to seek out local craftsmen and showcase their products. The baskets our Crocette and Paciocchi are sold in are hand woven using chestnut wood from Aspromonte by a local Calabrian craftsman skilled in our local, traditional methods of basket weaving. A perfect marriage of artisanal products, 100% natural and handmade, both inside and out.

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  • Euclidean Chocolate

    Our new line of Marano Brothers chocolate. BASE x HEIGHT = THE TONDE + THE QUADROTTI Our products are BASED on typical Calabria products The HEIGHT of our products is due to the quality of the chocolate we use And so THE TONDE, soft and delectable Chocolate Pralines (liquorice, chili pepper or bergamot flavored), and THE QUADROTTI, delightful and delicate sheets of Chocolate (liquorice, chili pepper or bergamot flavored), are born.

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  • Christmas - Panettoni

    Artisanal Panettoni Our Panettoni and Colombe are made using fresh eggs, milk, butter, flour, grade-A Italian sugar, and high-quality, all-natural flavorings such as Mananara vanilla from Madagascar.

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  • Easter - Easter Eggs - Colombe

    Easter Eggs and Bells Our Easter eggs and bells are made using extra-dark chocolate (70% cacao), milk chocolate (34% cacao), and white chocolate (31% cacao). The photos are representative, the wrappings and decorations of our confections may vary.

    The Colombe The artisanal Colombe are made using fresh eggs, milk, butter, flour, grade-A Italian sugar, and high-quality, all-natural flavorings such as Mananara vanilla from Madagascar.

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  • ART

    Taste" marries" beauty; international artists design our packaging.

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