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The Marano Brothers -> Our Story For hundreds of years this fertile region of Calabria has been home to the harvesting of figs.

Following traditional methods, the figs are left to dry under the sun on reed racks, called "cannizzole" in the local dialect. Each September, as soon as the farmers have finished their work, the dried figs are transported to Amantea, a town located on the splendid Mediterranean coast. The figs arrive at the artisanal laboratory of the Marano Brothers, where the ancient practice of preserving figs has been continued with care and passion for three generations, since 1930. The famous Crocette (little crosses) begin here as dried fruit. Four of the dried figs, stuffed with either an almond or walnut and with a sliver of candied orange peel, are woven into the form of a cross and baked in an oven. Afterwards, the Crocette are spiced according to a secret family recipe, an infusion of sugar, cinnamon and bay leaves, which was created 80 years ago by the founder of the Marano Brothers, Bartolo Marano. The classic Trecce (braids) and Coroncine (little crowns) are made by braiding dried figs along a sprig of myrtle; they are then dipped in the same infusion used to spice the Crocette, soaked in fig molasses, and finally wrapped in fig leaves. After the Second World War, in all of southern Italy but especially in Calabria, figs were one of the few sweets that people could afford. They were the favourite snack of the era, much healtier and more natural than many of today's snacks. They were so popular that they were often placed on the table during meals instead of bread. Today, thanks in part to the work done by the Marano Brothers, figs are known and cherished throughout Italy, and exported to countries around the world. They can be found in the best gourmet food boutiques and in high-quality chain franchises. During the last few years, the Marano Brothers have been able to introduce their many wonderful products to clients around the world, thanks to a national marketing effort and to their participation in various food fairs, such as Fancy Food in New York and Washington D.C., the Sial in Paris, and the Ism and Anuga in Cologne, Germany. The quality of their products together with their uniqueness and rich history have given the Marano Brothers' figs instant success, and has allowed the company to increase their sales regardless of the recent economic crisis. The Marano Brothers, with their characteristic dedication, strive to reach more and more people and to expand the influence of their products, which are widely considered to be a true treasure of the extraordinary region of Calabria. While a variety of Marano Brothers' products are produced using the ancient methods and traditional recipes of the Cosentine region, the Marano Brothers have also created new recipes over the years in order to offer greater variety and adapt to changing palates. These new products are now among the most popular produced. The Paciocchi: delicious figs stuffed with almonds or walnuts, oven baked, and covered in extra-dark, white or milk chocolate; the Ficule: soft figs covered in chocolate and filled with a variety of artisanal creams, such as spicy chilli or Calabrian liquorice, also made by the Marano Brothers; the Bon-bons, one of the most "spirited" products in more than one way: pralines made of fig confection and various liquors. All the products are made by hand; machines capable of substituting humans for this type of skilled work do not exist. When the Marano Brothers bake their delicacies, an intense and enveloping aroma, which words cannot describe, spreads throughout the town of Amantea, delighting inhabitants and visitors alike.

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